Human Resources

Human Resources In MEXICO

1) Visitors:


❶ visitors without right to obtain salary (continuous stay maximum for 180 days)


❷ visitors who have right to obtain salary (stay of 180 days)


❸ area visitors (the residence of specified area, no permission to get salary, stay for three days)


❹ work visitors of neighboring country (only the citizens of neighboring country, permission to get salary, stay for one year)


❺ humanitarian visitors (political persecution, etc.)


(2) Temporary residence


❶ temporary residence (permission to get salary, stay for four years, permission to update)


❷ temporary residence of students


(3) Permanent residence



Representatives of foreign companies should do the procedure of temporary residence.



❶ Approval procedure of work visa


❷ Interview and seal registration in Mexico Ambassador


❸ Procedure of stay procedure



Most business leaders understand the value of employees – they are the human capital that drives the productivity of your organization. You probably refer to them as your number one asset. You depend on them to provide extraordinary service and innovative ideas, the competitive edge you need to survive in tough economic times. Making certain that your employee benefits, executive deferred compensation, and your health care benefits, align with the needs of your employees and your business is a critical element of your success – this is true for both your domestic and international employee benefits.


Our employee benefits consultants specialize in integrating people issues with business strategies. We have experience helping companies in a wide range of industries, including not-for profits, governments, manufacturing, retail, healthcare, and banks.


Our main services include:


・Direct Recruiting in Mexico


・Indirect Recruiting in Mexico




・Salaries and Benefits in Mexico


・Internal Rules and Regulations


・Security and Hygiene




・Labor Unions in Mexico


・Reporting (web-based metrics)


  1. Categories of visa in Mexico
    1. Procedure of temporary residence
    1. Our service of Human Resources
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