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The consulting flowchart to establish a business in Mexico


The consultation to establish a company or a local corporation in Mexico


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The consultation related to the procedure to establish and budget in Mexico


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The registration of your corporation in Mexico


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The business forms to establish in Mexico


(1) Corporation:


① Limited Liability Company—variable capital limited company

② Joint Company—variable capital joint company


(2) Branch (Sucursal)


Representative Office (Oficina dr representacion)


The business forms to establish in Mexico are Limited Liability Company and joint company. In Mexico, the difference between them is that the limited liability company has a corporation personality and branch or representative office has the same personality with their head office. The head office has a liability for corporation in Mexico limited by shares, and it has a total liability for branch or representative office.


In the law of investment, a corporation in Mexico is treated as a citizen, but a branch or representative office is treated as a foreigner. So there are some relative disadvantages for a branch or representative office.


Therefore, except the purpose to establish a business is to collect information or some limited purposes, most foreign companies choose to establish a corporation in Mexico.


(1) Corporation


Corporation is the most general form of business in Mexico. However, it is no need to change the Articles of association when increasing capital or decrease capital. So the system of variable capital is recognized and most of corporations are using this system and more and more companies are becoming variable capital limited companies.


In the case of an investment by America, American head officers would like to usage the good treatment policy in Taxation. So a form of Joint Corporation, which is like a LLC in America, can be established.


(2) Branch or Representative Office


Except for some industries, there is clear definition of branch and representative office. In Mexico, it is usual to do a business for branch and others are representative offices.


The procedure to establish a business in Mexico


(1) The permit to establish a business in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs


It means to apply a permit for the name of company. It is required to submit three names in an order to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


(2) To make a power of attorney


Notarial deed (Escritura Constitutiva) to establish a business is a document needed to delegate a lawyer in Mexico. In the case that foreign companies establish a business or some individual without the nationality of Mexico and the permit for work, because signs by themselves are not recognized so that a power of attorney is required. The power of attorney is necessary to be a notarial deed, and it is called P/A certification.


(3) The Articles of association and the preparation of items for foundation board decisions


(4) Notarial deed to establish a business


A notary will judge and check the agreement is legal or not, the necessary items of certifications and to make an original book of notarial deed to establish a business. The sign of the person and notary are all required.


(5)To acquire a RFC (Registro Federal de Contrbuyentes)


The procedure of RFC is the same with RFC from SAT and it can be imaged like the Social Security Number of America. It is impossible to do administrative procedures, to establish an account and issue an invoice without the RFC.


(6) Business Registration


(7) Foreign Investment Registration


The foreign companies in Mexico must do foreign investment registration according to the Investment Act. Economic Investment Office manages this. Basically, the legal actions of foreign company without the foreign investment registration are invalid.


(8) Arrangements of account book and issue of stocks


(9) Other procedures


There are some other procedures judged by the industry and mission of company.


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